West Point On The Eno City Park

West Point On The Eno City Park is one of the most amazing parks in the city of Durham, NC. The city has always been rich with amazing outdoor locations, such as the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, however, this place is an absolute exception compared to a standard park. It consists of 404 acres of land that you can use to camp, spend quality time with your friends and family, organize events, and experience solid entertainment that’s suitable for everyone. Most people tend to enjoy leisurely picnics here, as well as take long hikes after a hard work week. It is teeming with woods and greenery that are surrounded by lakes that you can swim in. Most locals in Durham love to take their boats and canoes here and swim in the lakes and rivers that this location offers. The location is open to everyone on a daily basis, throughout the entire year for everyone to enjoy. For more information, feel free to visit their website to see more information. The park itself is actually located near the Eno River, making it the perfect location for farmers and other residents to live in.

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