Woodlake Trail

Woodlake Trail is a popular destination for all Durham NC residents to go to. It is a path that leads you through the woods, lakes and rivers of Durham. Most people enjoy going to this location to exercise, as well as go sightseeing because the landscape has been truly recognized as phenomenal to the average person who lives or visits our city. Near the Woodlake Trail, there are also countless attractions that you and your loved ones could participate in.

The area has a lot of built-in swimming pools and clubhouses that you can visit and spend your time in. The entire area is centered around the woods and wildlife that Durham has to offer, making it the perfect destination for campers, hikers and people who enjoy exercising in the wild. Some of the other locations that you can also visit include the Research Triangle Park, which includes massive tennis courts, football fields and a small dog park that’s available for everyone to use publicly. There are also a few gyms in the area, which really strengthens the community and everyone else that visits this amazing area. The homeowners who live there are always encouraging, helping you get to know the area better.

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