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Here at Alternative Aire we will do it right the first time, so we will need to do a thorough pre-assessment of your home or office, and current air conditioning system. The first step toward helping you choose the right equipment for you is to do a complete analysis of your present  AC system, so we can determine the right size air conditioning equipment for your individual comfort needs. This is done by performing a Manual J heat load calculation. It is important to be sure that any contractor you use to install your air conditioner performs a heat load calculation. Completing a proper Manual J heat load calculation is the only way to determine if your new air conditioner system is the proper size for your home or office.

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According to the Department of Energy, a large percentage of people who replace their air conditioning equipment don’t take the time to get a proper system analysis and end up with the wrong size equipment. This will result in higher utility bills, equipment that fails and needs to be replaced before its life expectancy is reached, or you might end up with an air conditioner that will not provide the comfort that you expect.

Air Conditioning Installations

These are new air conditioning installations with a zone systems.

We understand that buying a new cooling system is a major investment for any homeowner. Our company offers a wide choice of payment options, and your comfort consultant will work closely with you to help you select the payment option that is best suited for you.

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Hvac-Warranty* Complete warranty details available at www.amana-hac.com. To receive the 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, (good for as long as you own your home) online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.


If you’re looking to have your home cooling system repaired or replaced, there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding on a new unit or service. For starters, the decision to upgrade to a newer AC may be a difficult choice financially, but it’s not necessarily the most important part of the process. In fact, there is one part of the process that can end up costing you a great deal more in the future if not handled properly from the start.

We’re talking, of course, about the process of determining what size cooling system you need to efficiently climatize your home. You may not realize it but choosing an incorrectly sized unit to maintain your home’s comfort levels can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency ratings, and by extension, your utility costs. At Alternative Aire, that’s why we provide you with a thorough home analysis in order to ensure you’re optimizing both your energy efficiency and your financial savings via utilities. For over 30 years, our technicians have been trusted by locals to help choose the right HVAC components for their homes and to provide the highest quality installations around.

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Keeping your existing cooling system running in top shape involves a simple yet effective tune up and maintenance routine. While there are certainly things you can do to help keep your system healthy yourself (swapping out filters as needed, for example), there are still additional components that need to be checked by the professionals in order to keep your system in peak condition.

Area residents have been entrusting Alternative Aire with their AC preventative maintenance procedures for years. Our team is fully trained to provide a thorough inspection and service check on all brands and models of cooling units. Let our team of experts help you maximize the life of your air conditioning system by performing a routine tune up today!

Finding Air Conditioning Maintenance and Installation Technicians Near You

Finding a credible AC technician to perform necessary maintenance work on your system doesn’t need to be a difficult task. With a little bit of homework on your part, you can be confident you have chosen a quality contractor for your climate system needs. Here are a few quick tips to have on hand when researching HVAC professionals:

Ask around. A quality HVAC contractor will have plenty of satisfied previous customers willing to share their experiences with potential new clients. Ask around and see who others recommend giving you a good idea of who to go with yourself.

Check for credentials. Before hiring any local contractor, be sure to check for their credentials. You’ll want to make certain they are licensed and insured to perform HVAC work in your area.

Another thing to keep in mind is the availability of any contractor. Since heating and cooling needs seldom occur during convenient times, make sure any potential contractor is available when you need them.

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